Commission Art

Create a unique piece of art with a story you can share for years to come. Work collaboratively with artist Rob Joyner throughout the entire process.

Step 1

Pick a Size

Select a size that works best for your space. Each canvas is custom-made and can be scaled in 2" increments. If you're having trouble selecting a size, try using painter's tape on your wall to envision scale.

Step 2

Select Colors

Provide feedback on the colors you'd like to have in your piece and the colors you prefer left out. You'll also be provided a selection of samples to help determine how you'd prefer the color laid out.

Step 3

Provide Feedback

We'll get to work and provide you with images once we're 70% complete. We ask for honest feedback and will work with you in smaller iterations until the piece is completed.

Step 4

Pay if You Love It

Only pay for the painting if you love what is created. If you don't love the work, we'll offer it to other collectors.

Step 5

Ship to Your Doorstep

Each piece is crated, insured, and shipped to your doorstep. The delivery team will contact you 24 hours in advance to coordinate a drop off time.

Start the Commission Process

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