About Rob Joyner

Known for his thick texture and bright colors, Rob Joyner began sharing his art with the world in 2016. Rob's fascination with art started years earlier in his college apartment when he couldn't afford wall decor and wanted to upgrade the look and feel of his space.

As Rob started creating, he noticed how the complexity of his art began soothing his lifelong battle with anxiety. He has continued to use his platform to drive awareness and acceptance of the everyday struggle many secretly deal with on their own.

You can find Rob's work in collections across the United States. Most of his pieces are large in size and command attention when in their presence.

Rob shares a more extended version of his story in his first book, "Don't Touch!" available below.

Rob's Studio

Rob currently works from his studio, located behind his home in Highland Park, Texas. The space, nicknamed the "Treehouse" due to its a-frame ceilings and second story location, provides Rob with a place to close the door and dive into his creative mind uninterrupted on a daily basis. For those local to Dallas, Rob urges you to schedule a time to come view his work in person and learn more about his process.

Upcoming Events

  • May 9, 2024: Lips & Drips Show with Donald Drawbertson & Scout Design. More info coming soon.